5 in 1 Nano SIM Card Adapter Converter Kit

5 in 1 Nano SIM Card Adapter Converter Kit to Nano/Micro/Standard Precise Multi Sim converter tool ejector Pin, for iPhone Samsung LG Nokia HTC Huwaei oneplus by Hayatec
SKU: 1000011
Old price: 48.00 LE
40.00 LE
  • Made of premium grade tough metal quoted material to withstand durability and quality guaranteed than other cheap easily-bendable type SIM Adapters.
  • Hayatec 5 in 1 Sim Card universal Adapter Kit machined for precision accuracy and helps you to convert any size of Mobile phone 3G /4G GSM or CDMA Sim Cards.
  • Easily convert a NANO SIM CARD into a MICRO SIM CARD or a STANDARD SIM CARD, and a MICRO SIM CARD into a STANDARD SIM CARD size.
  • Compete Set with Pin ejector tool and Polishing pad to brush off any SIM card edeges if required. Can be used on all mobiles devices from brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Dual SIM, Sony, one plus, LG, Nokia and more.
  • Package Content: 1x Nano to Micro SIM Tray, 1x Nano to Standard Size SIM tray, 1x Micro to Standard SIM card Tray, 1x Steel SIM eject pin, 1x Abrasive Pad to brush off any misalignment on your sim