FIBERME FCH7303 professional headset comes with 99% Microphone Background AI Noise Canceling Headset Acoustic Fence Acoustic Shield ENC for Office Contact Center Education Inline Control Call Control. Dual Microphone Array With Precise Positioning. Use advanced near-end talk ENC and far-end talk SVC wideband noise cancellation technology, which can reduce up to 99% (maximum 40dB) noise.
Manufacturer: FIBERME
Old price: 1700.00 LE
1625.00 LE
  • Luxurious Comfort Foam ear cushions which can reduce ear pressure and create a comfortable experience. Adjustable headband and microphone boom to provide great flexibility Superior HD Sound Quality Wideband technology speakers let you have lifelike, vibrant conversations and reduces listening fatigue. High Reliability Metal parts are used in key parts to maximize durability. Use tensile fiber cable to ensure the long-life span of the headset, scenarios, even in a noisy environment. Hearing Protection Unique Hearing protection technology instantly removes any harmful loud sounds, which keeps the sound level in the safe range and protects users’ hearing